Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez stops by Bang Zoom Studios to talk about Voice Acting

Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & the Furious, Lost, Halo2) was just as sweet as ever when she stopped by Bang Zoom! Studios for an interview with Rosalie Fox from the Associated Press on Monday. Michelle was only in town for a couple days after being on location on a new film being shot in the Philippines for nearly three months. She's off to Europe as her career continues to reach new heights. She had worked at Bang Zoom on a large-scale anime series, IGPX, which had been co-produced by Cartoon Network and Production IG. She remembered those studio sessions fondly -- even when I pushed her to do take after take on one line.

Michelle spoke at length about her passion for voice acting, and as usual, opened up to share her experiences and insights with both fans and aspiring voice actors. To read what she said in the interview, you'll have to look for the news coverage or check back again soon. Meanwhile though, here are some EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS of the interview in Studio 2 @ Bang Zoom!

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