Monday, December 1, 2008

Patricia (Paddy) Ja Lee Plays Herself on "Lucky Star"

She'll always be the Pink Power Ranger to me...

Paddy in the booth - Studio 2 - Bang Zoom! Studios

Former Pink Power Ranger turned voice over actress, Patricia Ja Lee, plays a character in the super cute and weird anime series called "Lucky Star" - if you haven't see it yet, you should! It's like "Seinfeld" anime-style with High School girls instead of George, Elaine and Kramer....

© Kagami Yoshimizu / Lucky Paradise

Anyway, she plays a character named Patricia, who in the original Japanese version has an "American" accent. Turns out the creators in Japan are kind of infatuated with Paddy, and they modeled this character after her! So it was only right that she would play the part in the US version, and the Producers at Bandai made sure that this fact wasn't overlooked. The photo above was just taken the other day for her last session because the recording is now wrapped.

Patricia Martin in "Lucky Star" - Played by Patrica Ja Lee